Company History

LinkAmerika was founded in 1992 with very modest beginnings. Initially the concept was to intermediate sales of products from America into the then developing Czechoslovakian consumer market. This was made extremely difficult due to a lack of trade financing, so the company had to adapt by importing its own products and focus on wholesaling. After a period of initial market research, the company began to produce private-label products in the U.S. for several classes of trade here: grocery products, pet foods, vitamins, and health and beauty care items.

As the market became more sophisticated, LinkAmerika adapted by adding representations of European and American brands to its portfolio and was able to successfully launch products and brands on the market and support products with full marketing efforts. We were the first company to launch products like peanut butter and wet soups in the Czech market, and have since introduced a number of other successful brands here (see Brands). Legislative changes caused by the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU created a new set of challenges, as we faced prohibitive duties or bans on some successful product lines. Again, we were able to adapt by engaging international FMCG suppliers both in the Czech Republic and the EU for sale of their products to the independent market, as well as major multiples.

We have been fortunate in having a great group of people in our company and have maintained good relations with the trade industry for many years, which gives us an advantage in both gaining new distribution and developing our product portfolio.

Our Director
Our Director

Steve Rappaport

Steve moved to what was then Czechoslovakia in 1992, inspired both by his travels in East Germany during the Communist era and his Eastern European heritage. He has degrees in Finance and Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin (1988), and a MBA in Finance/Marketing from Kellogg’s Graduate School of Management (1992). Before embarking on a new career in import and distribution, he was a consultant with Price Waterhouse’s small-business practice in Miami, Florida.


Lubomír Parušev
International Key Account Manager

+420 220 514 340

Marek Starý
Sales Manager

+420 220 514 331

Ing. Jan Šiml
Customer Service & Merchandising Manager

+420 220 514 332

Ivana Fričová

+420 220 511 787

Lukáš Karas
Logistics & Office Manager

+420 220 514 337

Aleš Foldyna
Warehouse Manager

+420 220 511 782

Czech Offices & On-Site Warehouse (owned)

Na Stare silnici 99
Knezeves u Prahy

CAPACITY: 900 pallets
1 Labeling Line w/Shrink-Wrap Machine
9 Company Vehicles

Czech Off-Site Warehouse (leased)

ESA Logistika
Airport Logistics Park, Hall 2
252 68 Kněževes u Prahy
Czech Republic
CAPACITY: 20,000 pallets

UK Consolidation Warehouse (leased)

Crystal Clear Logistics
Unit 7, Astra Centre
Royal Barn Road
Castleton OL11 3DT
United Kingdom
CAPACITY: 6,500 pallets

US Consolidation Warehouse (leased)

GR Packaging
25 Green St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
CAPACITY: 2,000 pallets